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Our purpose is to provide you the quality content that will help in your life.We are here to solve your each and every queries. If you are confused between which products to buy or maybe you need some suggestions just Connect with me on Instagram – _igfall3n

Chinmay Nawkar

Hello Guys, I am Chinmay Nawkar. I am 20years old and loves to play games so much. I have so much interest in gaming and tech industry. I am in 2nd Year currently pursuing BCA(CS) from the Pvt College because I love coding .I love to play games so much So I started my youtube channel in 2019 named “FALL3N” there I uploaded gameplay videos, guides ,tips and tricks of PC games as well as mobile games as well as I have lot of interest in tech products. I’m still grinding to hit 1k subs on youtube. There is one hindi saying that always keeps me motivated –

“Tu karm krte ja, Faal ki chinta na kar”

In 2021 first half I hope we will definetly complete 1k subs and we’ll grow together !

Writer – Yash Masne

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