[2021 Latest] Headphones That Worth To Buy Under 2000Rs

As you know the love for the gaming is increasing day by day and If you are the gamer, you know the importance of the headset while gaming. It will improve your game sense as well as the all round performance. So we have collected the five best gaming headsets within your budget, that will helps you to hear the enemy footsteps, reloading sounds and will improve your overall gameplay ! So lets get started –

1) Redgear Comet 7.1 USB Gaming Headphones with RGB LED Effect

  1. Amazing Looks and Design.
  2. Noise Cancelling Microphone
  3. 7 Types of Changeable LED Lights
  4. Over Ear Design
  5. Aesthetic Display with Lighting System

It is one of the coolest headset under the price range of 2000Rs. It has amazing design as well as the 7 Types RGB LEDS.

The combination of the amazing design and the comfort makes the combination just awesome.

As you know it comes with the noise canceling microphone and another advantage is that it will cover your whole ear, so no heaviness while playing games for the long hours. Its comfort is just next level.

 It is USB connection ONLY, NO 3.5mm jack. (Don’t forget to use the driver from the CD/Website, for best gaming experience use Virtual 7.1). Overall is the good choice for gaming headphones.

2)Redgear by Boat Cosmo 7.1 USB Wired Gaming Headphones with RGB LED Effect

  1. 1 Year Warranty of this Product
  2. 7.1 Surround Sound Engine
  3. RGB LED Light Effects
  4. Noise Cancellation
  5. Build Quality

This headphone sound quality will let you truly immerse in your games with hardware driven 7.1 surround sound.

Redgear Cosmo 7.1 comes up with high quality noise cancellation feature with stable microphone to communicate faster. It adjustable split headband which reduces pressure and provides optimal comfort for long gaming sessions.

Another beautiful feature is that it comes with the RGB LED lights and with some audio controls which let you control the volume. This headset is one of the best quality headset in this range, in my opinion you surely go for this one.

3)Kotion Each GS410 Headphones 

  1. Primary Kind of Gaming Headset
  2. Adjustable Mic
  3. High Resolution Stereo Sound

This headphones comes with the bulky design and high bass surround volume. It also has the flexible microphone which can you adjust according to your need, your friends can hear your sound so clear and soflty.

Its delivers clear deep bass sound and has little smart inline remote control for sound and mic adjustment.

The soft cushion head pad and ear pad will definetly helps you during the long gaming sessions. It has single 3.55mm jack for sound and mic.

4)ONIKUMA Gaming Headset-Over Ear Gaming

  1. Clear and accurate sound
  2. Noise Cancellation
  3. Comfortable Design for long sessions
  4. Wide Compatibility

The Headset comes with the high grade 50mm driver which easily lets you hear the sound of grenade in Fortnite and sounds of footsteps in the games like PUBG and CSGO.

The excellent virtual surround sound effect of the ONIKUMA headset allows you to do prompt action while playing battle with your teammate.

With the noise cancellation technology , the voices comes across very clearly and static noise is reduced by the 95%. Comfort is the important factor while choosing any headset for gaming. It comes with the padded earmuffs which will helps you in ling gaming session without causing the headache and discomfort. Overall it is one of the good choice headset under this price range.

5) EKSA Stereo Gaming Headset

  1. One Yr Warranty from the Date of Purchase
  2. Comfortable and Adjustable
  3. Mic and One Key Mute Function

This headset has the multi-platform compatibility like XBOX, tablets PS4,PC. And it also has the one year warranty from the data of the purchase.

It has adjustable and rotating earmuffs that fits for all the heads providing comfort for everyone. Higher quality leather, stainless steel metal, brings you plenty of wearing comfort for longer hours sessions.

It has powerful 40mm magnetic driver which let you easier chase the directions while playing games. Perfect for the various games like PUBG, CSGO, Warzone and so on. High sensitive microphone with omnidirectional noise reduction tech, reduces distracting background noise, to collect your voice clearly. 

Conclusion :

As you know Headphones is one of the most important factor while gaming. Because of this we have collect and reviewed the best headphones under the 2000Rs range.

You can surely pick any one from the above list and if you have any query you can ask me . Thanks for reading ! Do follow our blog for latest news and updates of gaming and technology.

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